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Start your own home based business - the best bizop in the galaxy!
     Hi, I'm Beverly, Joe's "better half".  We're all really excited for you!  And you'll be excited when you see what the STARSCAPES® StarBiz might do for you!

     You can save time and take advantage of the sale by ordering the complete, StarBiz below, and we'll ship it to you overnight, so most likely you'll have it tomorrow!  Would you like to have it tomorrow?

     Or, if you can't afford it now, and want to see what STARSCAPES® looks like, in your own home, you can order the Introductory Package, which includes the Amazing STARSCAPES® 3-D Space Portal Poster  (You'll get one in your StarBiz Package anyway.)  

     And don't just think "It's just a poster".  It's not.  It's a giant hole in your ceiling allowing you to look up through your ceiling and stargaze!  Stargaze at the sky that we were meant to see.  

     Put it on the floor, and you'll feel as though you could fall right into it!  I promise you that you'll never see anything more amazing!  You'll get two with your complete StarBiz.  So I urge you to order today.  Take advantage of the sale and order now.

     QUESTION:  What would happen if you made just $500 a room, and each home has 3 bedrooms, and you do 5 homes a week?  How much would that give you in a month?  Something to strive for isn't it?

     Now, I'd like to show you what you're going to receive in your StarBiz...


  The Complete, One and Only,
Star Biz Artist-Illusionist Mastery
Training Program  (v1)

    • The Education. You'll learn from the master himself. You'll also learn how to do the specialized Themes, Milky Way Galaxy, deep sky objects and nebulas.  Your educational course business manual "15,000% Pure Profit", is the heart and soul of the entire program.
    • The Amazing STARSCAPES® 3-D Star Portal Poster 
    • The Our special Creation Paint™, one month supply, for up to 20 rooms (v602) Enough to make up to thousands of dollars this month!  See below, NOW you'll receive enough for up to 150 rooms!
    • Special Audience Presentation CD.
    • Full Color Brochure samples
    • Special Tools and Applicators
    • World Class Customer service
    • Special Bonuses too!!!




  • Order this month and you'll receive EVERYTHING above PLUS:


    • Your secret, custom made and proprietary STARSCAPES® Professional Precision Application System -- Galactification System™, including the Voyager Energizing Wand, 110 volt electric, (Overseas add $30 for 220v. converter.)  You'll be able to create any night sky, with choice of constellations, in their astronomically correct locations.  From small bedrooms to the largest of theaters and auditoriums.  You can even create a planetarium in the schools in your home town!  All this with no prior knowledge of astronomy. 
    • "Creating an Illusion" - The STARSCAPES® DVDs. Join the master at work, as you'll learn completely in every detail how to create the STARSCAPES® type Masterpiece fine art cosmic 3-D illusion mural. There's no need for expensive "add on" personal training. It's all here and complete.
    • The handsome and sturdy Equipment Luggage Carryon Bag.  Conveniently holds everything you need.  On rollers with telescopic handle. 
    • Our Super-3 Creation Paint™, an additional three month supply, for up to 80 rooms total. (v608) Perfect for childrens' rooms. Helps to assure a sound, restful night. Gently fades as the stargazer falls asleep.

      Our Super-10 Creation Paint™, three month supply, for up to 80 rooms. (v7b08) Glows all night. Perfect for teenagers, adults, and the hotel industry. (You'll get all four colors, standard Moon Glow, Glacier Blue and Laser Violet, & Cosmic Orange for special effects!

      Super-10 Creation Paint™ Pro-Pak, with special tools. The professionals choice. 
    • A Special Copy of the STARSCAPES® instructional manual (Signed by the STARSCAPES® F/X Illusionist Master himself, Mr. Joseph Petrashek)
    • The Art of STARSCAPES® Owner's Manual sample.  Adds value to your work.  Shows constellations, explains astronomical facts, and mythological stories behind the constellations.  Informative and educational. 
    • Customer Newsletter subscription at no cost to you!  Including all of the Newsletter back-issues. (Uniquely informative and  brings you "up to speed" with timely addendums to the instructional manual.)
    • Plus special surprise items & gifts we'll keep confidential! (Imagine completing an entire room in less than 30 minutes!) 
    • Member's only store, and an invitation to join and attend The Inner Circle, our daily and weekly live online community and chat with hundreds of other STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionists worldwide! Great friendship, secrets and inspiration! You'll feel right at home.


"The package was so big, I couldn't get it through my door!  I'm so excited!"

All for only  $15,000


Total only $5,450.

SPECIAL THIS MONTH!  Cash price, Save $2,000!

  Only $3,450 complete
with FREE delivery worldwide! 
(Up to $50)

USA:  Estimated arrival in 4-5 days.
Overseas:  4 to 7 days in most cases.

You'll get more value than you can believe!

No matter what the price... Your first 1 through 5 jobs can pay for it.

"I just made my 1st sale! 4 rooms in 3 different houses for one person for $5300!"
"Today was my first day talking to someone. ...He said, "Let's do it!" That's $5,600!"
"Yesterday I made €500, and today €600. €1100 in two days!" ($1,400)
"I'm glad I chose the STARSCAPES StarBiz. Experience is everything and you get what you pay for!"

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