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1978 photo of magician Joe Petrashek ("Joe Magic") 2003 photograph of master STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionist Joe Petrashek

Joseph Petrashek S.A.I.
STARSCAPES® Painter of Dreams

Listed in the 1999 edition of 
International Who's Who of Entrepreneurs

Originator of STARSCAPES®.

STARSCAPES® is an extreme and authentic, trompe l'oeil cosmic art form, inspired by the glory of the night sky as seen from the northern Arizona mountains.  

     Beginning with the experimentation of luminescent paint in the early '60's, then combined with the knowledge of magical illusions, Mr. Petrashek created the first STARSCAPES® in 1979.  Perfected with numerous professional commissions, Starscapes International div. of Voyager Industries was established in 1991 with the STARSCAPES® StarBiz program.

     In every entrepreneurial magazine on the planet, we were the very first company to list their URL in an advertisement.  We've been on the web since 1994.  Not happy with common paint standards for our purpose, we began creating our own exclusive... Creation Paintâ„¢.  Not available anywhere else.   

     While some may think they can learn this on their own in a few months of trial and error,  they'll never learn the STARSCAPES® type of cosmic 3-D ceiling program.  You get what you pay for.  Beware of imitations.  Why put yourself through the trouble?  And, when you decide to become a licensee, you'll chat with hundreds of others like yourself around the globe, in our Inner Circle Forum.  (Why associate with others?  More heads are better than one!)  

     We've taught over 6000 students worldwide how to make money, and we are proud to carry on the original tradition of teaching this celestial masterpiece so others can create glowing wonderlands of stars for happy stargazers.   

     STARSCAPES® customers can be found in over 160 states, provinces and countries around the globe.   There isn't anyone anywhere that doesn't like to stargaze.  And there are thousands and thousands of bedrooms waiting for YOU!

"I've made $2,864.00 on one room... in one short afternoon!
I spent two days on a job that paid me $10,000... Because I asked for it!
My last two small jobs paid me $225.00 and $650.00 each!  

After 25 years, I still do this -- You can too! 
And once you get started... even now... you'll talk directly to me if you like.  
I want to make sure that all your dreams come true!
STARSCAPES® is my passion, and I want it to become yours."

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